Webcast: A new playbook for a new time
A new playbook for a new time
WEDNESDAY, DEC 09TH | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Discover and develop | Armoury for the new people and workplace playbook

The human race today stands at a pivotal point in a rather longer journey. What decisions we make and actions we take will determine the course of the global economy and population in times to come - be it how we work, how we live, or even how we survive and sustain. At such a juncture it becomes crucial to not only zoom-in, but zoom out and look at the bigger picture, identifying the pieces of the puzzle. Concepts including but not limited to trust, communication, leadership and culture will form the cornerstones in making the much needed jump from where we are to where we need to be.

Enabling business and talent leaders in doing that, People Matters and Adrenalin bring to you a webcast that will focus on key elements revolving around the framework for people and workplace strategy in times to come, tapping into the cornerstones shared above and scaling them for boosting people capabilities, people experience, and business performance, and in the process, equipping businesses with the armoury to future-proof themselves.

  1. Deep dive into the methodology for creating a framework for people strategy
  2. Learn about the four human dimensions of building trust
  3. Find out the why and how of building resilient leaders
  4. Gain actionable insights through case studies on how HR leaders can boost employee experience

Our Speaker
Ramnath Venkatraman
Ramnath Venkatraman

Ex Head of Learning
Noor Bank

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