Webcast: Beyond Skilling: Building a resilient & collaborative workforce
Beyond Skilling: Building a resilient & collaborative workforce
TUESDAY, SEP 01st | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Beyond Skilling: Building a resilient & collaborative workforce

The economies are shifting from an age of production to an age of imagination. The success of organizations in the rapidly changing business environment of today increasingly depends on innovation, resilience, entrepreneurship, collaboration and other human skills which are less quantifiable.

While business and HR leaders realize the importance of these human skills, they often find it highly difficult to identify them and cultivate them among their workforce. To help you better understand your workforce and build a more relevant and impactful development plan for them by inculcating the qualities of resilience and collaboration in them, People Matters and Insights have brought together this exclusive webinar as part of the series #Discover&Lead.

In this webinar, you will:

  1. Deliberate on the emerging need to invest in skills like innovation, resilience, entrepreneurship, and collaboration
  2. Learn how you can discover the potential of your workforce
  3. Get a sneak peek into the Insights Discovery Color Energy Model
  4. Gain insights on how Vanderlande & Eli Lilly and Company has been able to make a relevant development plan with a better awareness of their workforce

Our Speakers
Mark Leisegang
Mark Leisegang

Head of New Markets (APAC, MEA, South America)

Rashmi Arya Chander
Rashmi Arya Chander

Senior Manager, Continuous Acceleration Programs

Priya Prabhu
Priya Prabhu

Associate Director Human Resources (HRBP and L&D, Talent Management)
Eli Lilly and Company

Our Partner: Insights

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