Webcast: Building talent for the next wave of growth
Building talent for the next wave of growth
LIVE Virtual Session
WEDNESDAY, SEPT 01ST | 03:00 pm - 04:00 pm SGT
Building talent for the next wave of growth

If building critical skills was a business priority for leaders before, the pandemic’s hard shove on digital transformation has made talent development a business survival necessity in 2021. The World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future of Jobs Report predicts that 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025.

As the nature of some jobs fundamentally changes and others simply become obsolete, people are counting on their employers to help them remain relevant and find their place in the future of work. Three features define a winning talent development strategy: personalization, scalability, and being future-facing.

In this webcast, we will look at elevating our L&D strategy with the right set of tools and technology to promote learning which is personalized, scalable, and future-facing.

This virtual session will look at discussing:

  1. Which signs should we watch out for talent recovery?
  2. How do we tackle talent crunch & what should be our skills priority list?
  3. How can we leverage technology to accelerate the pace of skilling and achieve skilling outcomes?
  4. How can we make skilling inclusive across roles and personalize the skilling journey?

Our Speakers
Grace Yip
Grace Yip

Managing Director, Accenture

Simone Wright
Simone Wright

Vice President Human Resources, Pearson

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