Webcast: ChangeLeaders: Blowhorn’s Story Of Accelerating Performance With Tech
ChangeLeaders: Blowhorn’s Story Of Accelerating Performance With Tech
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST
#ChangeLeaders: Blowhorn’s Story Of Accelerating Performance With Tech

The digital uptake of small and young organisations in recent years has increased. Realising the operational and functional benefits of digitising business and work processes, many SMEs and startups have now walked down the path of digital transformation. But the adoption has not been easy. There have been several challenges along the way. In this exclusive series by People Matters and Keka, let’s take a look at the unique digital transformation journeys some progressive small businesses and startups have taken. In the first session of this series, learn how an intra-city logistics provider, Blowhorn has transformed talent management through technology. Learn what’s working for them and apply some of these best practices in your organisation.

Listen to the first of the many #ChangeLeaders, Blowhorn - creating new benchmarks and leading the future of work in fast-growing organisations.Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. Learn policy action Blowhorn has taken to speed the transformation.
  2. Gain insights on how they managed talent, leadership & organisational rhythm to drive change.
  3. Take a sneak peek at the step-by-step plan taken to accelerate transformation.
  4. Learn how Blowhorn is accelerating their business and talent performance with technology.

Our Speakers
Lakshmi Anilaja
Lakshmi Anilaja

Assistant Manager - Customer Success, Keka

Tanushree Bose
Tanushree Bose

Assistant Manager - People Champion, Blowhorn

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