Webcast: Changing dynamics of Employer Branding in the IT space
Changing dynamics of Employer Branding in the IT space
LIVE Virtual Session
WEDNESDAY, MAY 19TH | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Changing dynamics of Employer Branding in the IT space

The talent landscape is unceasingly being challenged by technological disruption, demographic change, shifting business models and the evolving nature of work. There is an immediate need to address various parameters which has a direct impact on the skill gap and boosting employee experience for the current workforce and the new hires.

Owing to the changing business dynamics, organizations need to start the skilling processes right from the time the new hires receive their joining offers. Onboarding and Pre-boarding programs can act as effective mediums to help new hires from campuses and lateral hires become job-ready by upskilling in new-age technologies or skills of the future.

Continuing with our endeavor to provide actionable thoughts to our community, People Matters in partnership with IT By Design will be discussing the current trends in the IT industry and how Indian companies are the key elements in introducing a redefined employer branding strategy.

Discussion pointers:

  1. Changing dynamics of employer branding in the IT space.
  2. Hiring trends and practices adopted in the new world of work.
  3. Leaders to share their employer branding strategies.
  4. Leaders to share their expert views on how organizations can achieve their Employer Branding goals.

Our Speakers
Sunny Kaila
Sunny Kaila

Founder & Global CEO, IT By Design

Subir Verma
Subir Verma

Head HR, Tata Power

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