Webcast: Crafting the Perfect EVP for Organisational Growth
Crafting the Perfect EVP for Organisational Growth
LIVE Virtual Session
Wednesday, August 02nd | 03:00 pm - 03: 45 SGT
Working towards disruption-proof organisational growth

The right employee value proposition (EVP) can be crucial in accelerating a company’s journey towards all round success. It can help elevate an organisation’s employment brand and HR leaders can leverage it to attract, nurture and retain the best talent in the industry.

In today's competitive job market, EVP can serve as a powerful differentiator and can help organisations take their talent game to the next level. But the changing world of work is posing new challenges – the rising impact of technology on all facets of work has made the right EVP even more complex but also more critical.

In this exclusive virtual discussion, People Matters, in association with Aon, will look at talent management practices and EVP from the lens of the changing employee-employer relationship while also talking about the most efficient ways of dealing with the challenges posed by rising automation and widening skill gaps.

Some of the talking points include:

  • Aligning organisational purpose with people strategy.
  • Utilising the power of data and data-driven analytics while crafting the perfect EVP.
  • Strategies to ensure the workforce is armed with state-of-the-art skills through efficiently designed upskilling and reskilling initiatives.
  • Overcoming challenges in attracting high-performing talent such as the impact of AI, demographic change in the workforce, and skill shortages.
  • Future-proofing your business, securing strategic talent by focusing on all aspects of EVP – from thinking of total rewards to embracing diversity.

Our Speakers
Shefali Sharma
Shefali Sharma

Head of People & Culture, Toku

Michelle Yong
Michelle Yong

Global HR Consultant, Shell

Rahul Chawla
Rahul Chawla

Partner & Head of Human Capital Solutions, Southeast Asia, Aon

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