Webcast: Curating employee-centric wellness journeys
Curating employee-centric wellness journeys
THURSDAY, MAY 12TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Curating Employee-Centric Wellness Journeys

Wellness and benefits has become a fundamental part of any employee’s life-cycle especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic. What was once a ‘nice to have’ has become an urgent need with organisations ready to invest in a range of innovative initiatives that can contribute and elevate their employee’s well being in a holistic fashion.

However, following this comes the critical first step of choosing the right plan for your employees. In order to create that impact and really empower a meaningful difference in the health of your people, a number of factors need to be accounted for from flexibility to inclusivity to sustainability. And in line with this comes a measurable ROI.

With the intention to empower leaders across industries and organisations to build the right wellness journeys for their employees, People Matters and PolicyBazaar come together to host a session that will help you get all the answers to your burning questions when it comes to designing a wellness strategy and deciding on the most optimal group health insurance plan.

Some of the key points that will be deliberated upon are:

  • Rising trends across the wellness landscape with a special focus on group health       insurance
  • Lesser known features in Group Health Insurance
  • Key indicators of measuring the ROI of your wellness and benefits policies
  • Leveraging digital solutions to innovate your corporate wellbeing practices
  • Enabling greater inclusivity and sustainability when implementing your health              plans
  • Our Speakers
    Kapil Mahajan
    Kapil Mahajan

    Head - Business Human Resource - TATA Advanced System

    Mukesh Agarwal
    Mukesh Agarwal

    Chief People Officer - Tata Steel Long Products Ltd

    Srinivasan N
    Srinivasan N

    Deputy Vice President at TVS Credit Services Ltd.

    Raghuveer Malik
    Raghuveer Malik

    Head- Corporate Insurance, Policybazaar.com

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