Webcast: Decode the Future of Work with People Analytics Key Trends Challenges and Solutions
Decode the Future of Work with People Analytics Key Trends Challenges and Solutions
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Decode the Future of Work with People Analytics: Key Trends, Challenges and Solutions

Organisations across India are bracing for a challenging future of work but amidst these disruptions, they can find multiple opportunities for growth and innovation. However, this rests on having the right data insights to drive your business and people strategy. As new technologies emerge, work models change and employee expectations evolve, informed decision-making and policy implementation will be critical for HR leaders to build a resilient workforce.

Although increased use of HR Tech has enabled access to critical data points, filtering this information will be of utmost importance. People analytics then becomes a powerful tool that leverages data to identify patterns, trends, and insights to devise solutions that address unique organisational concerns. This will inevitably enable businesses to grow and attract, engage, and retain top talent.

To explore more on successfully utilising the power of people analytics to win in the future of work, we are excited to bring you this insightful webcast in partnership with Akrivia HCM. In conversation with industry leaders, we will dive deeper into the following discussion points:

  • Key trends and challenges faced by organisations in the talent and business landscape
  • The power of people analytics to lead informed and strategic HR decision-making
  • Capabilities required for HR professionals to leverage people analytics effectively
  • Investing in the right digital solutions to streamline data collection and analysis
  • Strengthening a data-driven work culture to drive business outcomes
  • Our Speakers
    N S Sethumadhavan
    N S Sethumadhavan

    Implementation Manager, Akrivia HCM

    Arun Paul
    Arun Paul

    Head of Human Resources, Orion Innovation

    Madhu Subramani
    Madhu Subramani

    Senior General Manager -HR & Admin, Bridgestone India

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