Webcast: Design The Thinking
Design The Thinking
THURSDAY, JUL 16TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Design the Thinking – Steps to build an anti-fragile mindset among employees

The world is going through an unprecedented crisis. At a time when there’s a great deal of uncertainity and randomness dictating the current market environment – inducing stress, variability and chaos, it can be draining to manage the workforce. The Anti-fragile mindset, popularized by Nassim Taleb restates some key principles to navigate the crisis – including the idea of returning to simple rules, having an idea of what kind of risks to take? And what kind of habits and rules you need to foster for your individual and team’s success?

This webinar will bring together some of the leading experts to help you get introduced to the concept. And help you plan your own approach to building an anti-fragile mindset for you and your team.

Here’s what we will reflect on:

  1. Understanding the role of design thinking and its practical applications
  2. Examples of successful application of Design Thinking elements
  3. The key frictional forces that influence our behaviour
  4. How to design an Anti-Fragile Mindset
  5. A step by step break down of the tips you can apply in your workplace
Our Speaker
Dr Anbu Rathinavel
Dr Anbu Rathinavel

Head – School of Design Thinking

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