Webcast: Designing learning for adults: Andragogy, NOT Pedagogy
Designing learning for adults: Andragogy, NOT Pedagogy
TUESDAY, MAR 02ND | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Designing learning for Employees: The Puzzle of Adult Learning

Should we apply the same learning strategies and follow the same instructional design processes, regardless of the age of learners? Certainly not. Adults have different motivations and therefore learn differently to how children do.

In this session, we’ll build a distinctive understanding of

  1. The principles of adult learning, what are their incentives and trigger 
  2. what methods can you use to design compelling learning programs that your employees will want to learn - regardless of where they are in their career
  3. What are the challenges of engaging employees in a thorough learning process

Our Speaker
Samta Arora
Samta Arora

Director, Learning Impact
Harappa Education

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