Webcast: Digitalization & Automation in Background Screening – India’s New Digital Law and Improving Candidate Experience
Digitalization & Automation in Background Screening – India’s New Digital Law and Improving Candidate Experience
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WEDNESDAY, October 04th | 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM IST
Digitalization & Automation in Background Screening

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India’s New Digital Law and Improving Candidate Experience

With the rise of new digital technologies, the background screening process is transforming. According to a survey by HireRight, in 2023, 86% of respondents from India said they often found employment discrepancies and 43% commonly found education discrepancies.

Despite the lack of digital public records, 9 in 10 employers from India that utilise background screening are conducting education and employment checks as part of their screening programs. Three-quarters of the respondents from India said that speed was an important factor when choosing a screening provider.

But companies need to be ready for new guardrails that are being implemented too. India’s new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 is expected to be tabled in Parliament in the Monsoon Season, and it is expected to frame laws on the processing of digital personal data.

Amidst these changes in technology and law, how can you improve candidate experience? This webinar is designed to give you an expert's view on how automation is the newest shift that could ease and transform the background screening process. And what can you do as an HR leader to utilise the latest tools while meeting regulatory needs?

Here’s what we will discuss:

  • How can digitization & automation improve the efficiency and accuracy of background screening processes, and what benefits does it offer to HR leaders and organisations?
  • With the increase in discrepancies found during employment history verification, how can digitalization & automation-based technologies help mitigate such issues and enhance the credibility of candidate information during background checks?
  • As India prepares to implement the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022, what are the key considerations HR leaders should consider when adopting AI-based automation in background screening to ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements?
  • In a context where digital public records are limited, how can digitalization & automation based background screening solutions address the challenges faced by employers in India while conducting education and employment checks?
  • Speed is a crucial factor in selecting a screening provider for many Indian employers. How can automation strike a balance between fast turnaround times and maintaining high-quality background screening outcomes, ensuring an improved candidate experience?
  • Our Speakers
    Ko Hui Yen
    Ko Hui Yen

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director of APAC, HireRight

    Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith

    VP Deputy General Counsel, HireRight

    Samrat Das
    Samrat Das

    VP APAC and US Offshore Operations, HireRight

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