Webcast: Driving performance and careers in the enterprises of tomorrow
Driving performance and careers in the enterprises of tomorrow
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TUESDAY, JUN 22ND | 12:30 pm - 1:35 pm
Driving performance and careers in the enterprises of tomorrow

The business value of traditional employee performance management models is collapsing. While these legacy systems still form the basis for decision-making around compensation, promotions, terminations, and other compliance-mandated functions, they have not made a major impact on actually improving performance or its management.

The ongoing change in the way work is done and the kind of performance is expected from an employee has led to the change in the way performance management is perceived. We need a more agile performance management system.

In this webcast by People Matters & entomo, we will address how organizations can drive performance in the enterprises of tomorrow. The session will delve upon:

  1. What are the elements of enterprises of tomorrow and how the careers will evolve to support these future enterprises?
  2. How organizations can deliver great performance and empower people to thrive in their careers?
  3. What are the current challenges in performance management that will hinder the growth of future enterprises?
  4. Why agile performance management is the need of the hour and how we can implement agile performance management?
  5. How can one apply data to performance management to power high performance and careers?
  6. What are some new performance management technologies that can enable organizations to be ready for the future of work?

Our Speakers
Arun Sundar
Arun Sundar

Chief Marketing Officer, entomo

Jacely Voon
Jacely Voon

Chief People Officer, Fujifilm Singapore

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