Webcast: Effective Hiring and Training in a Hybrid work ecosystem
Effective Hiring and Training in a Hybrid work ecosystem
Effective hiring & training in a hybrid work ecosystem

Owing to the current war for talent, the best talent is quickly getting poached. Organizations are witnessing the ‘Great Resignation’ and losing on the most loyal and skilled talent to the competitors.

Recruiting is time-consuming and to build out a strong workforce, we need to find quality candidates, fast pace our hiring process, but at the same time we cannot compromise safety for speedy hiring. Effective hiring in a hybrid environment requires hiring people with different skill sets and to be more diligent in screening the candidates depending on the role offered. At the same time, the extra diligence cannot come at the expense of prolonged hiring timelines.

In this virtual panel by People Matters & Sterling, learn how most of the organizations are walking this tight rope & exploring best practices to get the right balance of speed & diligence, during this current phase where there is War for Good Talent.

We will cover the following aspects in detail:

  1. Ensuring a fair and transparent hiring process to maintain your company culture and protect your brand
  2. Leveraging an impactful BGC to hire talent with right identity
  3. Using emerging practices to hire a staff that would thrive in a hybrid work ecosystem
  4. Transforming your hiring process with a trusted global screening provider that can provide for accurate and faster results
  5. Evolving your onboarding and training process for the future to ensure optimum output from the staff

Our Speakers
GV Prasad
GV Prasad

CEO - India and Head of APAC Fulfillment, Sterling

Mukta Nakra
Mukta Nakra

Head - Human Resources & Sustainability, Marks and Spencer

Krithi Marla
Krithi Marla

Director Talent Acquisition –APJC, Cisco

Sangeetha G
Sangeetha G

General Manager - Talent Acquisition, Mindtree

Our Partner: Sterling

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