Webcast: Empathy in Action How Leaders Can Build Change Ready Organisations
Empathy in Action How Leaders Can Build Change Ready Organisations
LIVE Webcast
Tuesday December 5th, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM IST
Embracing Change: How Leaders Can Build Change-Ready Organisations

In this dynamic and challenging business environment, modern leadership has become the cornerstone for success. Embracing change isn't merely a buzzword but an actionable strategy that drives performance, enhances engagement and nurtures a cohesive workplace culture. As organisations strive to navigate through change, the value of leaders who possess the ability to not just understand but genuinely connect with their teams is immeasurable.

But how do we empower such leaders? What are the critical steps to get started on building change-ready organisations?

In partnership with O.C. Tanner, we’re excited to bring you this webcast that will dissect the core of modern leadership to deliver concrete, tailored insights. In conversation with industry leaders, we will understand how we can not only redefine the terrain of change management but unlock strategies to infuse it with authenticity, responsiveness and resilience. Some of the discussion points that we will tap into as we explore the profound transformation ignited by modern leadership include:

  • Addressing the challenges that arise when leading change management
  • Strategies to empower leaders and amplify employee voices
  • Best practices to cultivate empathy grounded in employee experiences
  • Translating appreciation into action to bridge any gaps and build belonging
  • Fostering a culture of resilience to drive growth and transformation
  • Our Speakers
    Neha Arur
    Neha Arur

    Senior Director, Human Resources, ZS Associates

    Karan Bhasin
    Karan Bhasin

    Director, Sales & Solution, O.C. Tanner

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