Webcast: Employee Engagement in 2023_An HR leader's guide
Employee Engagement in 2023_An HR leader's guide
Thursday February 23rd, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST
Employee Engagement in 2023: An HR leader's guide

Young organisations have seen high levels of attrition and face retention challenges. In a recent report, SMEs across the e-commerce sector reported facing attrition as high as 80%. While the post-pandemic world has further accentuated the issue, these organisations have faced a mounting challenge to engage and retain their talent. In 2023, they face shifting skills demand, scarce talent, and a stricter hiring landscape. Moreover, with evolving employee preferences around flexibility and purpose, employee engagement and retention efforts must be relooked at and revamped.

But how? What are some essential considerations for revamping engagement initiatives and recreating them for a more digital and hybrid experience? As HR leaders hope to build more impactful people strategies, how do they create the right experience for their employees that helps spur engagement and ensure better retention?

These are the pressing questions that organisations across the board today face. Questions that form a core part of the People Matters and Keka webcast discussion on Employee Engagement in 2023: An HR leader's guide.

In this session, you will learn about:

  1. What are the critical barriers young companies face when investing and revamping engagement efforts?
  2. How can the opportunities presented by a more digitalised and hybrid world of work that HR leaders can leverage create better engagement and retention?
  3. Ex is central to tackling the problem of attrition. What are the necessary components of recreating a robust workforce experience for organisations in 2023?

Our Speakers
Pratima Pinto Thomas
Pratima Pinto Thomas

Head HR, Fino Payments Bank

Rishu Garg
Rishu Garg

Vice President & Head HR, Dehaat

Naveen Kumar Nerlaje
Naveen Kumar Nerlaje

Chief Human Resource Officer, Licious

Our Partner: Keka

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