Webcast: Empower Engage Succeed: Harnessing the Power of Equitable Flexibility
Empower Engage Succeed: Harnessing the Power of Equitable Flexibility
LIVE Webcast
Thursday, February 29th 2024 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM IST
Empower, Engage, Succeed: Harnessing the Power of Equitable Flexibility

For workplaces across sectors and industries, flexibility has evolved from a preference to a critical necessity. As highlighted by O.C. Tanner’s Global Culture Report 2024, 68% of employees feel flexibility should be available to every employee regardless of role. And most importantly when flexibility is equitable, talent is 8x more likely to stay on another year.

Establishing equitable policies, and giving leaders the autonomy to implement flexibility based on team members' needs, leads to heightened satisfaction, increased engagement, and fortified connections within the organisation. This empowerment naturally cultivates resilience – the ability to navigate change with proactivity, adaptability, and perseverance.

And so to take this crucial conversation forward, we are excited to partner with O.C. Tanner and bring you this insightful webcast. Here, we will get into an in-depth discussion with industry leaders to build practices centered around making flexibility equitable for all.

Together, we will discuss:

  • Potential roadblocks organisations face to acheive equitable flexibility
  • Key components of equitable flexibility that must be considered
  • Strategies to integrate flexibility in every role to make your employees feel valued
  • The role of leadership in recognising unique needs and offering a level of      flexibility that works for everyone
  • How equitable flexibility will result in desirable business outcomes
  • Our Speakers
    Candy Fernandez
    Candy Fernandez

    Director-People & Great Work - Middle East, Africa & South Asia O.C. Tanner

    Shirin Sehgal
    Shirin Sehgal

    Chief People Officer, PwC India

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