Webcast: Making Essential Workforce Feel Visible and Value
Making Essential Workforce Feel Visible and Value
LIVE Virtual Panel Discussion
Tuesday, 30th January 2024 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM IST
Empowering the 80%: Strategies to Engage and Retain the Essential Workforce

In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, a significant portion of the global workforce, often referred to as the '80%,' grapple with a unique set of challenges. This broad spectrum of workforce who are critical to our economy and touch every part of our lives often lack the necessary access and enablement to thrive.

Four-fifths of employees worldwide lack opportunities and autonomy in their work, and a very large number of them feel ignored and unvalued despite the imperative jobs they do. Consequently, the vast majority feel unseen, unvalued, and uncared for. Organizations must therefore take big steps to support their needs, understand their viewpoints, and reward their contributions—or face some powerful but predictable consequences in terms of engagement and retention.

In partnership with O.C. Tanner, we are excited to bring to you this critical and timely panel discussion that will look at culture and experience from the lens of the 80% workforce.

Together with industry leaders, we will discuss:

  • Gaps and opportunities to implement policies, programs and resources for the      80%
  • How modern leadership can amplify autonomy and voice
  • Opportunities to increase access to technology and career development
  • Strategies for recognizing the 80% workforce
  • Our Speakers
    Chandini Kamal
    Chandini Kamal

    Global Head - Diversity and Inclusion, HCL Technologies

    Karan Bhasin
    Karan Bhasin

    Director Sales, Recognition & Workplace Culture Strategist, O.C. Tanner IMEA

    Rajita Singh
    Rajita Singh

    Chief People Officer, Kyndryl

    Sumit Sabharwal
    Sumit Sabharwal

    Head of HR Shared Services, Fujitsu International Regions

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