Webcast: Finding Future-Ready Talent: How Organisations Can Elevate their Hiring Strategy
Finding Future-Ready Talent: How Organisations Can Elevate their Hiring Strategy
THURSDAY, MAY 26th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Finding Future-Ready Talent: How Organisations Can elevate their Hiring Strategy

Organisations today are increasingly aware of the need for hiring highly skilled professionals who can drive growth and deliver the right impact in the market. However, attracting the best of the best at zero-cost hiring remains a pressing challenge in the ongoing talent war.

What leaders need to realise is that there are hidden talent pools, composed of professionals who embrace lifelong learning and who add a competitive advantage to organisations. They come with specialised skill sets, fulfilling talent needs in the face of rapid business and jobs transformation.

To drive the discussion forward and empower organisations with the best strategies for hiring a future-ready workforce, People Matters and upGrad Placements bring you this panel discussion with the following insights:

  • Solutions to address ongoing recruitment challenges across industries
  • Concrete steps to find talent pools that bridge skills gaps that are unique to each company
  • Innovative strategies to reduce hiring costs in a competitive talent market
  • Ways to develop a future-ready talent pool to level up your ROI and prepare you for the future of business
  • Our Speakers
    Mayank Kapoor
    Mayank Kapoor

    Head - Human Resources (CHRO), FreeCharge

    Divya Amarnath
    Divya Amarnath

    Director HR, Flipkart

    Husain Tinwala
    Husain Tinwala

    Co-Founder, upGrad Rekrut

    Kunal Rohilla
    Kunal Rohilla

    Assistant Vice President Human Resources, EXL

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