Webcast: Future-Proofing Global Mobility: Overcoming challenges of overseas expansion
Future-Proofing Global Mobility: Overcoming challenges of overseas expansion
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Tuesday, October 31st | 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM SGT
Future-Proofing Global Mobility: Overcoming challenges of overseas expansion

Over 80% of leaders in the APAC region have plans to expand into new markets. It is no surprise that today, across businesses and industries, the ability to adapt to the changing times and expand globally is becoming the true cornerstone of sustainable growth.

As organisations venture into new territories, hire across geographic borders and begin their journey toward becoming truly global, they encounter a myriad of challenges. These challenges range from managing a distributed workforce dealing with new and ever-changing regulations, to payroll and employment compliance. The complexities of global expansion demand strategic foresight and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscapes of different countries.

Join us for an insightful session with leaders from across industries, delving deep into the intricacies of global workforce management. This webinar, co-hosted with Atlas, aims to equip business leaders and decision-makers with insights and strategies to navigate the world of work as it expands across borders.

Some of the talking points include:

  • The new age of payroll: How the global payroll landscape is changing and what it means for your business.
  • Common hurdles businesses face when dealing with a global workforce, and strategies to overcome them.
  • How partnering with Employer of Record services can be a game-changer in simplifying processes across borders.
  • Case studies: Real-world examples of how businesses have successfully navigated global expansion challenges with the help of an EOR.
  • Best practices for scaling up and onboarding global talent: Tips on how to successfully scale your workforce in new countries and ensure seamless employee onboarding across different cultures.
  • Our Speakers
    Raju Chauhan
    Raju Chauhan

    Regional Payroll Manager, Atlas

    Stan Choi
    Stan Choi

    Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, Hex Trust

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