Webcast: Getting better hiring outcomes
Getting better hiring outcomes
LIVE Webcast
THURSDAY, AUG 12TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Getting better hiring outcomes by putting EQ in centre

Fear, excitement, doubt, hope — job seekers feel a range of emotions during the job search. It’s been a particularly stressful experience this past year, as pandemic-related layoffs and furloughs resulted in record-high unemployment rates and heightened uncertainty for those seeking work.

Today, empathy and building relationships have become all more crucial for recruiters than ever. Emotional intelligence creates the foundation for effective relationship management. It’s the underpinning of efficiently navigating the maze of personalities, biases, and human instincts that can quickly go array. Great recruiters can self-regulate, as well as manage the fears, aspirations, and disappointment of candidates. Empathy and emotional intelligence may just be the key to becoming an exceptional recruiter in this virtual era.

In this session by People Matters and Indeed , we will look at why putting emotional intelligence into your recruiting practice can lead to better hiring outcomes:

  1. What role does emotional intelligence play in the workplace—and why does it matter?
  2. How does emotional intelligence impact talent attraction, influence your candidate experience, support employee retention and boost your employer brand too?
  3. As we rely more on data in the recruitment process, how does the ability of recruiters to practice high levels of emotional intelligence impact both talent and client management?
  4. How does emotional intelligence facilitate a more diverse and inclusive recruitment process?
  5. How do you put emotional intelligence in practice and improve recruitment processes?

Our Speakers
Dr Swatee Sarangi
Dr Swatee Sarangi

Global Head - Learning, Leadership & Organization Development, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Rohan Sylvester
Rohan Sylvester

Recruitment Evangelist, Indeed.com

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