Webcast: Hiring Revolutionised Tackling Skill Demands with Agile Recruitment
Hiring Revolutionised Tackling Skill Demands with Agile Recruitment
LIVE Webcast
FRIDAY, 08th SEPTEMBER 2023 | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM IST
Hiring Revolutionised: Tackling Skill Demands with Agile Recruitment

As the job market becomes more demanding, HR leaders must have the right solutions to tackle the ever-changing nature of skill demands. A recent WEF report noted that around 60% of companies face a lack of contemporary skills among candidates. Given the nature of technological advancements and shifts in consumer preferences, companies hoping to accelerate growth need better, more agile hiring.

Hiring the right kind of candidate, at the right time, and with the right compensation is fast becoming the hallmark of a successful company. The increased need for business agility begins with agile recruitment models which today must be responsive to changing skill demands.

To understand more about the skill demands that are bound to impact companies and reenvisioning hiring through more agile means of bringing in job-ready talent, People Matters and Imarticus Learning are proud to bring you a panel discussion on Hiring Revolutionised: Tackling Skill Demands with Agile Recruitment. With companies across industries feeling the impact of changing skill demands, join us as we deliberate actionable solutions and powerful tools that can help HR leaders and TA Heads to hire better and support their organisation’s growth. With insights from industry leaders, this session will explore:

1. Top skillset shifts that will disrupt how companies hire

2. The rising relevancy of Hire-Train-Deploy as a way of ensuring job-ready candidates are hired

3. Investing in smart assessments framework and tech enabled assessments to recruit high-performing professionals

4. Creating customised training programs for candidates to address skills gaps

5. The role of comprehensive, end-to-end hiring and onboarding services today to ensure agile recruitment and better candidate experience

6. Leveraging the power of a talent provider with deep reach to source high-impact talent

Our Speakers
Renu Bohra
Renu Bohra

Chief People Officer, DB Schenker

Tarunpreet Singh
Tarunpreet Singh

Director- Global HRBP, Capgemini

Venkatraman Girish
Venkatraman Girish

Head- Human Resources, Larsen & Toubro

Apurva Sheth
Apurva Sheth

Executive Director, Head of Enterprise Business, Imarticus Learning

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