Webcast: How an early-career HR professional can future-proof their career?
How an early-career HR professional can future-proof their career?
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FRIDAY, FEB 19TH | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
How an early-career HR professional can future-proof their career?

The expectations from the HR function have clearly evolved over the years. From a cost center to a business partner to an advisory role. An HR perspective has never been more critical to determine the way forward for an organization. To fuel their perspective today, CHROs are going to need their teams to be equally equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and aptitude to grasp the emerging business challenges and opportunities and recommend suitable, scalable solutions. This requires stepping beyond the perceived boundaries of the HR function and addressing business challenges head-on with the required business and people skills. 

In fact, we have a great opportunity to start preparing for the future by bridging the skills gap for next-generation HR professionals. 

In this webcast by People Matters and Aon, know-how the early-career HR professionals can accelerate their learning curve and be more future-ready.

This webcast will address: 

  1. How's the business outlook impacting the HR paradigms and can prepare for disruptions in the employee lifecycle?
  2. What are some of the key skilling areas an early-stage HR professional should focus on?
  3. What is missing in the current HR curriculum to be more aligned with the current expectations from HR professionals?
  4. What are some learning courses available that can help early-career HR professionals accelerate their learning and growth curve?

Our Speaker
Pritish Gandhi
Pritish Gandhi

Practice Leader, Asia and Middle East, Aon HR Learning Center

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