Webcast: How can Digital Coaching be the solution to thriving in the hybrid workplace
How can Digital Coaching be the solution to thriving in the hybrid workplace
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18th | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
How can Digital Coaching be the solution to thriving in the hybrid workplace?

Investing in the right learning culture is a critical step for organisations who want to thrive in the hybrid workplace. This falls in line with the urgent need to address skill gaps. Mckinsey’s recent survey on skilling reveals that as much as 58% of respondents believe that closing skill gaps has become a high priority for their organisations ever since the pandemic. And as we move into the post-pandemic world, Gartner reports that digital coaching will become a substantial part of the developmental cycle of the workforce in the coming years.

In other words, digital coaching is a crucial solution to driving not simply the skilling agenda but to enable a culture of continuous learning within organisations. In an increasingly digitally transformed world, offering learning opportunities which are accessible, flexible as well as open to personalisation enables employees to embark on a holistic learning journey and tends to deliver a greater impact. Growth opportunities must be made available to employees throughout their life cycle and digital coaching plays a unique role in the L&D facet of organisations by streamlining personal as well as organisational growth.

With the intention of driving the agenda for learning and growth forward, People Matters and CoachHub are excited to bring a masterclass session on how digital coaching can become the solution for the success of your organisation by delving in-depth into the following topics:

  1. Why the need for digital coaching in the hybrid workplace?
  2. What is the impact it delivers at various levels of the organisation?
  3. How can digital coaching align with your company’s growth strategy?
  4. Practical steps for leaders to measure the impact of digital coaching to achieve desirable results.
Our Speaker
Naila Abdul Karim
Naila Abdul Karim

Senior Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub

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