Webcast: How people-first cultures and HR tech support business resilience
How people-first cultures and HR tech support business resilience
LIVE Webcast
THURSDAY, AUGUST 18TH | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM SGT
Leading with a people-first culture in challenging times

Businesses around the world spent the last two years navigating the challenges of hypergrowth alongside a skills shortage. Today, signs are pointing to the possibility of a market slowdown and even more unpredictable changes and challenges ahead.

It’s not easy to find the right people with the right skill sets, experience, and culture fit to grow the business. In times of change like these, it’s more important than ever for companies to lead with a people-first strategy. Choosing the right HR tech can also help them tap into people’s innovation, motivate them, and drive profitability while retaining top talent.

People Matters, in partnership with HiBob, are pleased to invite you to a one-hour webinar where we will talk about:

  • How businesses in Southeast Asia are addressing the challenges of talent retention and employee engagement
  • Outlining the critical drivers of building the right work culture
  • The critical role of HR tech in building a people-first organisation and supporting business growth in challenging times
  • Our Speakers
    Damien Andreasen
    Damien Andreasen

    ANZ Country Manager

    Jessie Ann Andersen
    Jessie Ann Andersen

    VP of People & Culture, Pintar

    Stan Choi
    Stan Choi

    Head of HR, Hex Trust

    Vinod Dontimalla
    Vinod Dontimalla

    Regional Head of Human Resources, Openspace Ventures

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