Webcast: How the pharma industry is rewriting its growth story
How the pharma industry is rewriting its growth story
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 05TH | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
How the pharma industry is rewriting its growth story with a smarter HR function

As the global sphere of people and work continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the existing business environment, the luxury of procrastinating digital adoption is no longer available. In fact, 35% respondents of a poll stated that COVID-19 fast-forwarded digital transformation of the pharma industry by more than five years. The pharma industry made a dramatic shift to digitization, making it a non-negotiable enabler of operational sustainability, along with ensuring people safety, connect and collaboration.

With the year of opportunity unfolding before the global economy, leaders in the pharma industry, among others ought to provide an ecosystem that enables the workforce, employees and managers alike, to succeed with smarter data-backed decision making. To create delightful people experiences in these times and those yet to come, you want your HR to be smart, data fluent, and strategic, overcoming the limitations that restricted their function and impact.

How can you do that? Is digital truly the secret element that can scale the impact of your people related decision-making, and consequently people performance? Join this insightful webcast and find out for yourself!

We are all geared up to roll the ball on this exciting webcast that will transform your outlook, efforts and ability to empower your HR with not data, but essential tools of people success. Register now and book your virtual seat for a discussion that highlights:

  1. Imperative people analytics to enable people success
  2. Consolidating people data for better leadership
  3. The impact of automation of employee data on employee experience
  4. Building a smarter HR function with real-time analytics

Our Speaker
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar

Chief Advisor - HR Systems and Processes , Keka

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