Webcast: HR Priorities For 2023
HR Priorities For 2023
Tuesday, January 24th, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Building In-House Talent, Revamping Employer Brand, & More: HR Priorities For 2023

2022 was filled with its own set of challenges. Internal talent systems and processes went through another year of transformation. Traditional approach to HR, people and work was challenged. In 2023, shifting skills, scarce talent, high turnover and the changed power dynamic between the employee-employer dynamic will continue to influence the talent decisions of business and HR leaders. How will organisations prepare for the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the new year? What will be top priorities for HR leaders in 2023? How are leaders analysing and identifying organisations’ talent needs? How will they invest in employee training and development as well as offer wellness and flexibility?

In this virtual live session, a panel of HR leaders will come together to discuss the top talent priorities for 2023, explore innovative ways to respond to the shifting needs of talent, and identify strategies to proactively respond to talent scarcity crisis.

In this session, you will learn about:

  1. Top priorities of HR leaders for 2023
  2. Leveraging talent intelligence to align talent and business needs
  3. Ways to build and buy talent for multiple potential scenarios in the disruptive business landscape market

Our Speakers
Sheetal Bhanot Shetty
Sheetal Bhanot Shetty

Chief Human Resource Officer, Infra.Market

Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy

Co-founder and CTO, ShakeDeal

Jayati Pardhy
Jayati Pardhy

HR Head, Keka HR

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