Webcast: HR roadmap to 2022
HR roadmap to 2022
LIVE Webcast
TUESDAY, JAN 25TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
HR Roadmap for 2022: Strategy, technology and impact

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The year 2021 was the most transformational year that businesses faced, following a year of disruption and proving that the future of work is here & now. Digital transformation efforts have accelerated beyond all expectations and no individual or organisation can afford to miss the technology evolution over the last two years.

In this webcast by People Matters and LinkedIn Talent Solutions, we get experts to reflect upon the most pertinent issues for the C-suite today, giving you fresh inspiration and takeaways to apply as we predict and plan for the year 2022. Below are some of the discussion pointers:

  1. Learnings from the greatest experiments of 2021
  2. Tackling the ‘Great Resignation’ to attract and retain talent
  3. Ground rules to balance between different ways of working
  4. How do we ensure remote workforce is not overlooked in a hybrid model?
  5. How can hiring, learning and engagement strategies be better aligned to business productivity?
  6. Leveraging HR technology to support the wellbeing of our employees
  7. How can multiple HR functions (TA, L&D and Employee Engagement) work in tandem?

Our Speakers
Ruchee Anand
Ruchee Anand

Senior Director - Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn

Ekta Singh
Ekta Singh

CHRO, AGS Health

Harish TR
Harish TR

CHRO & Sr. VP HR, Maveric System Ltd

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