Webcast: HR4 Start-ups: Accelerating Business Impact in Start-ups
HR4 Start-ups: Accelerating Business Impact in Start-ups
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FRIDAY, APR 16TH | 12 PM IST and 2:30 PM SGT
HR4 Start-ups: Accelerating Business Impact in Start-ups

Setting up the people function in a start-up organization is a very difficult challenge but it is also a great opportunity, as organizations scale people will be the most critical differentiation to innovation, agility and performance in the marketplace.

If you are an HR leader in a high growth organization, there are many questions you need to tackle and there are no access to “best practices” as your context is so unique and complex.

  • How do we attract talent when we don't have a strong employer brand?
  • How do we hire and retain people in the early days?
  • How do you support the founder in the ups and downs of the journey?
  • How do we align the founder team in building a culture of high performance?
  • How do we decide the compensation structure that we can afford & that helps us motivate our top teams?

Many questions and no easy answers!

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Ankur Warikoo, Founder nearbuy.com, Mentor and Angel Investor on what it takes to set up an HR team that delivered to the business!

Our Speaker
Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo

Founder nearbuy.com, Mentor, Angel Investor, Public Speaker

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