Webcast: HRBP: Delivering Value For Business Success
HRBP: Delivering Value For Business Success
LIVE Webinar
WEDNESDAY, SEP 08th | 12 PM IST and 2:30 PM SGT
HRBP: Delivering Value For Business Success

The business partner concept has dramatically evolved from roles and outcomes to a logic of how HR delivers value to employees”, says Professor Dave Ulrich. How important is the evolution of the HR business partner role and what are the skills and competencies needed to effectively support the business? How can HR Business Partners develop a value-creating environment that benefits everyone? Join this session to learn more about this and understand the course of action required in the upcoming BeNext Cohort Course on HR Business Partner in the New World of Work starting on 20th September, 2021

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what has changed when it comes to the role of an HRBP.
  • Need-to-Learn skills for HRBP to continuously grow and add value.
  • Predict which skills will be most useful in generating value or overcoming obstacles.

Our Speaker
Saurabh Nigam
Saurabh Nigam

Vice President – Human Capital at Omidyar Network

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