Webcast: Learning to build a resilient workplace culture
Learning to build a resilient workplace culture
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TUESDAY, SEP 08TH | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Our fast-paced culture and unprecedented changes at the workplace might find us more stressed out than ever. A number of research have proved that stress impacts employee performance, there has never been a more pertinent time for building resilience in your organisation.

In this webcast by People Matters and NamanHR in partnership with PSI, we will discuss the importance of Resilience at the workplace.

PSI’s highly reliable tool to measure resilience is in India for the very first time. Get ready to delve deeper into how one can understand this capacity, based on eight core areas of the resilience model, resilience can be developed using strategies aligned to each of the eight areas. The Resilience Questionnaire™ assesses this capacity and generates a feedback report providing a summary of an individual’s results in relation to the core components of resilience together with options on how they can develop each one.

Here is a quick glance on why Resilience is critical to your organization:

  1. Burnout: Employees with low resilience report that they are twice as likely to experience burnout in comparison to employees with high levels of resilience.
  2. Productivity: Highly resilient employees report themselves to be 43% more productive in comparison to candidates with low resilience.
  3. Engagement: Highly resilient employees report themselves to be 47% more engaged at work in comparison to employees with low resilience
  4. Retention: Highly resilient employees report that they are twice as likely to stay at the organisation they are currently working at in comparison to those who report to have low levels of resilience.

Join us in this exciting learning session and help your people develop Resilience habits that create conditions for peak performance.

Our Speaker
Ali Shalfrooshan
Ali Shalfrooshan

Head of International Assessment R&D, PSI Talent Measurement, International

Our Partner: NamanHR

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