Webcast: Leveraging Hackathons to hire the best
Leveraging Hackathons to hire the best
WEDNESDAY | 29th JUNE, 03:00 PM- 04:00 PM IST
Leveraging Hackathons to hire the best

HR leaders today are responsible for driving business growth. In a world with ever-evolving business conditions and rapid disruptions, this means finding people with the right skills and aptitude. Not only does having the right people help companies be productive today, but it also helps them prepare for the future.

But recruitment in the highly competitive market of today isn't easy. While technologies like AI, predictive analytics, and automation are fast reshaping how companies hire, their applicability in a labour market as diverse as India's remains limited. Companies often lack the technological architecture and the know-how to best optimize their hiring processes. Such challenges don't exist when it comes to hackathons. Hiring events like hackathons centralize hiring efforts and provide companies with a talent pool of qualified individuals without investing in tech-heavy solutions. Companies also get to assess candidates' technical qualifications and suitability by testing them through real-life scenarios.

While hackathons provide companies with an easy and seamless way to assess and hire, many remain doubtful of their efficacy in solving their talent requirements. To deliberate this further and explore the opportunities that a successful hackathon provides, People Matters and Unstop (formerly Dare2Compete) are excited to bring you a webinar on successfully leveraging hackathons.

We will delve further into the following topics:

  • The opportunities of designing the right hackathon for hiring
  • How to facilitate diversity hiring through hackathons: Engineering, girls, MBA, design
  • Optimizing time & effort invested during the hiring through hackathons
  • The challenges in converting interviewed candidates to new hires
  • How to avoid the problems of fake profiles and poor assessments using hackathons
  • Our Speakers
    Strafford Fernandes
    Strafford Fernandes

    Senior Manager HR, University Relations, Flipkart

    Gangadhar Salimath
    Gangadhar Salimath

    Director Talent Acquisition, Walmart Global Tech India


    Jerry Moses, Senior Content Manager at People Matters

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