Webcast: Leveraging People Analytics
Leveraging People Analytics
LIVE Virtual Session
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Leveraging People Analytics for Data Informed Workforce Planning

The year 2022 invites workforce planning and HCM technology to come together for achieving operational excellence and business goals. With HR technology being at the forefront of every business transformation agenda, people analytics functions as a critical resource tool to mine the endless data in our hands and translate them into actionable insights. Rather than simply being data driven, the current culture has started to gear towards becoming data informed in all our business led and people focused strategies. Workforce planning whose core component is people analytics calls for the breakdown of information silos and accelerated integration of functions within the HR domain at large.

To take this discussion forward, People Matters and Akrivia HCM are excited to bring to you a webcast that delves into length at how people analytics can be utilised for efficient workforce planning. Some of the key topics that will be covered by experts in this area include:

  1. People Analytics in 2022: The key trends driving a data informed workplace
  2. What are the top priorities when it comes to workforce planning?
  3. On becoming talent ready: leveraging data to set the tone for your hiring priorities
  4. Driving operational excellence: What does your data reveal about output and engagement?
  5. Increasing the integration of multiple HR functions run by HCM systems

Our Speakers
Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar

Chief Learning Officer, Akrivia HCM

Adhir Mane
Adhir Mane


Ravendra Mishra
Ravendra Mishra

President-HR, Garware Technical Fibres Ltd

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