Webcast: Making Organizations Future-ready through Skills
Making Organizations Future-ready through Skills
LIVE Webcast
September 2nd | 12:00 pm - 1: 30 pm IST | 2: 30 pm - 4:00 pm SGT
OneHR: Building future-ready organisations through skills

As the new world of work awaits to unleash new challenges, opportunities, and innovations, ensuring companies have the right skills mix to thrive in this new world of work has become a priority. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, Future of Talent report, upskilling will be core to many firms’ talent strategies. Hence, in the coming years, the speed and scale of upskilling and reskilling human capital will determine which organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage over others.

Further, with skills being an engine of growth now and into the future, it is critical that HR and business leaders are equipped with advanced tools like data analytics. These tools can help them to identify both potential candidates who have those sets of skills and internal hires who can be reskilled.

In this webcast by People Matters & LinkedIn Talent Solutions, we will look at:

  1. Tackling the talent crunch & state of current local talent
  2. Emerging future roles and the imperative skills for the future of work
  3. Leveraging technology to assessing skilling, delivering skilling, and measuring skilling program outcomes
  4. Making skilling inclusive across roles and hyper-personalizing the development journey
  5. Enabling a hyper-personalized/multimodal learning ecosystem building for future-fit workforce
Our Speakers
Sapna Purohit
Sapna Purohit

SVP & Head Of Human Resources, Sun Pharma

Amit Prakash
Amit Prakash

CHRO, Marico Limited

Tery Chua
Tery Chua

VP Group HCM and Principal of NETS Academy, NETS

Frank Koo
Frank Koo

Head of Asia - Talent and Learning Solutions, LinkedIn

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