Webcast: Managing the SEA Talent Crunch, Remotely
Managing the SEA Talent Crunch, Remotely
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM SGT
Managing the SEA Talent Crunch, Remotely

Southeast Asia is facing a major shortage of tech talent that has worsened as companies ramp up digitalisation in response to the pandemic. Traditionally, migration has filled skill gaps in high-value sectors, but border closures have greatly reduced the ability to recruit from abroad. Businesses are increasingly turning to remote hiring to meet their talent needs, but challenges remain, especially in integrating and managing teams from around the world who may never meet in person

In an exclusive webcast, we will talk to the leading expert on managing the talent crunch remotely. 

  • The need for SEA companies to hire remotely when local talent pools are no longer able to support their business needs
  • Tackling challenges in the remote hiring process, particularly onboarding and orientation for new hires across multiple locations
  • Effective administration for remote hires: from payroll to benefits to dealing with cross-border labour regulations 
  • The role of technology in creating a smooth employee experience that will keep these remote workers with the company

    Our Speaker
    Joanne Low
    Joanne Low

    Head of Human Resources - Asia Pacific
    Aspire Lifestyles

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