Webcast: Building a Winning Team
Building a Winning Team
LIVE Webcast
Wednesday, 17th March, 12 pm IST | 2:30 PM SGT
Building a Winning Team

Find the right strategy for sourcing top teams, getting winning talent onboard and motivating people to win

In this webcast, learn from Ankur Warikoo, founder of nearbuy.com, about the strategies and mindsets required to put together a winning team. An expert on motivation, success and brand-building, Warikoo will outline how to source the best talent, realise goals and ambitions and inspire teams to work together towards a common purpose. This session is unmissable for any ambitious start-up founders, young growth companies or intrapreneurs looking to build their teams and gain a competitive business edge.

  • Energizing people to see and execute the big vision
  • Hiring & retaining a team that is motivated to win
  • Getting the talent balance right for success

Our Speaker
Ankur Warikoo
Ankur Warikoo

Founder nearbuy.com, Mentor, Angel Investor, Public Speaker

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