Webcast: Maximizing employer brand to maximize engagement
Maximizing employer brand to maximize engagement
LIVE Webcast
FRIDAY, MAY 21ST | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Maximizing employer brand to maximize engagement

Your company offers competitive pay and benefits, a generous retirement plan and unlimited paid time off. Your employees – many of them long-term – wouldn’t dream of working anywhere else, and the job opportunity you just posted clearly outlines a clear path for growth. However, why aren’t job seekers lining up for the interviews? Why aren't you able to fill that job which many people aspire to take?

The challenge is not about having an employer brand strategy but taking the right approach to building your employer brand and most importantly, talk about it. How do you communicate about your employer brand matters?

In this webcast by People Matters and Indeed, we will look at the essentials of employer brand for building the brand that resonates with the candidate:

    1. How to leverage content that matters to job seekers?
    2. How do you find opportunities in company ratings and reviews?
    3. How to leverage data to accelerate your branding efforts?
    4. How to get job seekers to find you?

Our Speaker
Harshvendra Soin
Harshvendra Soin

Global Chief People Officer and Head-Marketing
Tech Mahindra

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