Webcast: Onboarding Reloaded: Transforming New Hires into Top Performers
Onboarding Reloaded: Transforming New Hires into Top Performers
LIVE Webcast
Friday, May 19th | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM IST
Onboarding Reloaded: Transforming New Hires into Top Performers

As the world of work transforms in new and unprecedented ways, the way we onboard our employees is also rapidly changing. From interactive training modules to virtual simulations, the role of technology is on the rise. It is not surprising, given that this is a critical touchpoint in the larger employee lifecycle, one that will define the performance and success of new hires. The faster they learn about the organisation and their role, the more they will be able to accomplish in the long run. When designing an onboarding strategy, employee engagement and retention continue to be core priorities. But it’s equally important to ensure that new recruits are empowered to navigate the company value chain, its culture and HR processes while upskilling themselves.

We bring you answers. In partnership with Imarticus Learning, we are excited to host this webcast that will dive into what it takes to implement an impactful onboarding strategy for the new-age workforce. With insights from industry leaders, this session will explore:

1.The rising trends and challenges in the employee onboarding landscape

2.Why onboarding remains critical to employee engagement and retention

3.Strategies to engage new hires from the pre-onboarding stage

4.Reinforcing purpose, connection and belonging in the workplace

5.The role of gamified learning in skill-building and unlocking high performance

6.Leveraging technology to align onboarding strategies with new hire success

Our Speakers
Vinay Agrawal
Vinay Agrawal

Global Head - Business HR, Tech Mahindra

Ashissh Kapoor
Ashissh Kapoor

Director and HR Business Partner, Ernst & Young (EY)

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