Webcast: One HR: Evolving Hybrid Workforce
One HR: Evolving Hybrid Workforce
LIVE Panel Session
WEDNESDAY, AUG 11TH | 12: 30 pm - 2: 00 pm IST | 3:00 pm - 4: 30 pm SGT
OneHR: Evolving Hybrid Workforce

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Until the coronavirus vanishes as a severe threat to health and safety, organizations will be managing a large share of employees who work remotely some or all of the time. Rather than default to what they have been doing for the past one and a half years, HR teams can purposefully manage the increase in hybrid work to maximize employee engagement, well-being, and productivity.

HR teams would need to take forward-looking approaches to embed the right experience and engagement throughout an employee lifecycle and plant the seed for long-term value creation.

This session by People Matters & LinkedIn Talent Solutions is curated to help your organizations to balance their organizational needs, employees' needs, and foster the right hybrid culture.

The session will delve into:

  1. Leading industries CHROs sentiments around hybrid work model and the future of hybrid
  2. The immediate business priorities for hybrid work model– Jobs & careers, employee engagement & experience, skilling & development
  3. Leading change management for a hybrid workplace in a highly unpredictable and uncertain environment
  4. Reimaging hiring strategies for hybrid & planning for a more diverse workforce planning
  5. Embedding the right experience and prompting engagement throughout a talent lifecycle
  6. Keeping the employee morale, motivation, and productivity high even in tough times

Our Speakers
Sameer Bendre
Sameer Bendre

Chief People Officer, Persistent Systems

Wendy Xia
Wendy Xia

CHRO, DB Schenker

Sanjay Jog
Sanjay Jog

CHRO, Reliance Jio

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