Webcast: Overhauling L&D To Thrive In The Digital Age: Becoming Disruption-Ready
Overhauling L&D To Thrive In The Digital Age: Becoming Disruption-Ready
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15th | 04:00 PM - 04:45 PM SGT
Overhauling L&D To Thrive In The Digital Age: Becoming Disruption-Ready

In today’s skills economy, the future of most employees is on the precipice, as many of the existing jobs are set to become redundant with the onslaught of advanced technologies, AI, and Web 3.0. For instance, in 2023, ChatGPT is not just making headlines but also putting many jobs at risk. In such a disruption-crowded environment, how can organisations stay ahead of the curve?

Across Southeast Asia, the skills mismatch crisis looms large over businesses and nudges the leaders to increase their investment in building new capabilities.

Given the degree of uncertainty our businesses operate in today; the question arises, how can you build the skills to thrive tomorrow? How do you lead off to ready your organisation with the agility, resilience, and skills needed to excel in these evolving times? How can you leverage technological innovations to create a personalised and effective learning experience for people and businesses?

Let’s explore the solutions to these critical questions in an exclusive webcast, a precursor to the People Matters L&D Singapore Conference 2023.

Join us to deliberate on the following questions and gain insights from top L&D leaders:

  • What are the trends shaping the future landscape of L&D?
  • What are the top learning needs for companies in Southeast Asia?
  • What are some big steps L&D professionals are taking to align capabilities and match the big demands of both talent and business?
  • What are some critical skills organisations must invest in today to be able to lead off and stay ahead of the curve tomorrow?
  • What are some innovations in learning and development technologies that organisations are experimenting with currently or would like to experiment with in the near future?

Our Speaker
Nick Shackleton Jones
Nick Shackleton Jones

Author, Speaker and CEO & Founder, Shackleton Consulting

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