Webcast: Recrafting employee experience for the Indian IT Industry
Recrafting employee experience for the Indian IT Industry
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Recrafting employee experience for the Indian IT Industry

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In today's world of work, what it means to be an employee has changed. Candidates for a job are looking not just at the work and the pay, but at the entire experience of working for the organisation: the leadership style, the growth and development opportunities. But are companies matching these expectations? Not many would agree.

The journey of providing the right employee experience for different industries has a different ball game altogether. The IT industry is one such industry which has seen a shift from old-school employee engagement to a more holistic approach to employee experience which has been driven by a number of factors – including social media, changing demographics, and more volatile economic conditions. Over the past decade, the talent landscape has been challenged by emerging technologies, evolving workplace expectations, and the constantly changing definition of work and the work environment. Thanks to digital transformation, 'employee experience' has been a focus for businesses like never before. And, the ongoing disruptions have only compounded the need for remote leadership and consistent employee engagement.

In this panel discussion, People Matters in partnership with Randstad India will be discussing the ways in which leaders from the IT industry can recraft the employee experience journey in the now world of work.

  • Redefining Employee Experience for the IT industry
  • Critical components of a refined employee experience strategy
  • How can technology create an experiential environment which empowers, enables, and engages employees?
  • Humanizing digital experiences for employees
  • Adapting EX for a multigenerational workforce

Our Speakers
Dr. Nandini S
Dr. Nandini S

Group Head-OD

Suvro Raychaudhuri
Suvro Raychaudhuri

Director HR- Asia Pacific Solutions Delivery Center

Yeshab Giri
Yeshab Giri

Chief Commercial Officer, Staffing & RT Professionals, Randstad India

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