Webcast: Recruitment Outlook 2022
Recruitment Outlook 2022
LIVE Virtual Panel Discussion
MONDAY, JANUARY 24th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Recruitment Outlook 2022

Disruptions from the COVID crisis, and its ensuing economic fallout, have ushered in a monumental shift in recruitment strategy across India. This shift takes its impetus from a data-driven, values-based and candidate-centric approach to hiring. 

No longer are hiring managers searching for talent simply to plug the skills gap in their organizations. More importantly, they are re-imagining the candidate experience and investing in tools and platforms designed to enhance it.

2021 has been a year of challenges for talent leaders. To better guide hiring decision makers across the country, People Matters and Indeed are collaborating on a report forecasting hiring trends, entitled Recruitment Outlook 2022.

As part of our survey launch, we are holding an exclusive panel discussion with our Circle of Co-Creators, a group of leading voices in the HR and talent community, to spearhead our analysis of a number of recruitment trends identified in the report.

Our Speakers
Majid Ali Khan
Majid Ali Khan

AVP & TA Head : India & Poland (NextOps, DR & EUC)

Rajesh Lele
Rajesh Lele

Independent HR Consultant

Vinay Agrawal
Vinay Agrawal

Global Head- Business HR
Tech Mahindra

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