Webcast: Role of HR in hiring right for GICs / GCCs
Role of HR in hiring right for GICs / GCCs
LIVE Virtual Session
THURSDAY, JUL 29TH | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm IST
The Great Talent War: Role of HR in hiring right for GICs

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As per a latest report, The Global In-house Center (GIC) model is projected to grow $350 billion by 2025 for India alone. Their evolution over the past two decades shows that multinational companies (MNCs) have come to rely heavily on GICs, particularly in India, and not just for outsourced business functions with an eye on cost savings. The contributions of a GIC are an integral part of an organization’s overall value chain.

Global players all over the world are now making astute investments to build strategically strong and well positioned GICs in regions best served for rapid growth. Undoubtedly, GICs are seen as great value additions to their parent companies. However, due to unprecedented digital disruption due to the current pandemic crisis in industries worldwide, the role of Indian GICs needs to evolve.

But how do GICs enable their growth plan and become the GICs of the future?

In this virtual panel session by People Matters and Randstad India, we will discuss how the GICs can become a best-in-class talent hub and continue to evolve and be the center of efficiency by being at the vanguard of productivity enhancements.

Join us for this discussion to brainstorm:

  1. Changing role of GICs in the current world of work
  2. Top talent challenges ahead for GICs to become future ready
  3. Brainstorming right talent strategy for becoming the GICs of the future
  4. Role of technology in generating a sustainable competitive advantage for the GICs

Our Speakers
Chaitali Mukherjee
Chaitali Mukherjee

Partner & Leader: People Organisation, PwC

Srikanth Vachaspati
Srikanth Vachaspati

General Manager and HR Head, Siemens

Saurabh Arora
Saurabh Arora

India Head of Talent Acquisition and HR COO, Morgan Stanley

Sanjay Shetty
Sanjay Shetty

Director - Strategic Account Management, Randstad India

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