Webcast: Role of HR in the new normal
Role of HR in the new normal
7th July, 11 AM - 12 PM
Reimagining the role of HR in the new normal

It has almost been half a year managing and responding to the pandemic. The novel COVID-19 virus prompted organizations to relook on their existing people policies, work alignment through strategic work allocation, communication protocols, and traditional employee engagement models, learning and development opportunities, and so on. However, the crisis hasn't gone and the struggle to manage people effectively and efficiently has become even more crucial as we are awaited to a "new normal" of work. This new normal of work will lead to a significant change in HR role not only in the immediate term but also in strategies, ways of working, and mindsets of decision-makers and employees.

According to a recent survey conducted which aims to capture and understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the key HR processes, policies, and interventions across industries. The survey has administered responses from 315 organizations across 20 industry sectors. It helps highlight impacts on a wide gamut of HR practices and processes like – employee well-being, engagement, recruitment, compensation and benefits, performance management, learning, and development. The webinar will discuss outcomes from the survey and helps foresee ways in which the business landscape is likely to shift, not only in India but also all over the world and how technology can help organizations in the realignment. Responding to these will certainly help countries and companies navigate the path to the ‘New Normal’.

The survey further suggests that the organizations should ramp-up investment in three areas: (1) investments in remote working, (2) employee well-being, and (3) role of technology in HR processes.

Time has come for us to reinvent and meet the ‘new normal’ head-on! It is time to get into action. Join us for the conversation on what it may take to realign HR processes in this time of uncertainty.

Join this session to gain insights on:

  1. Understand what challenges organization are facing the world over due to COVID-19
  2. Responding to these challenges by navigating the path to the ‘Next Normal’
  3. What role technology can play to overcome the new challenges
  4. The effectiveness of using technology for driving workforce productivity
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