Webcast: Strengthening Trust and Accountability: Leveraging Employee Background Checks
Strengthening Trust and Accountability: Leveraging Employee Background Checks
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FRIDAY JULY 07th | 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM IST
Strengthening Trust and Accountability: Leveraging Employee Background Checks

In today's digital era, the remote hiring process and the evolving dynamics of the digital workplace have presented both opportunities and challenges for organisations. One significant bottleneck that has emerged is the unprecedented rise in employment fraud, which not only hampers the pre-employment hiring process but also exposes businesses to a plethora of risks in the long term. False credentials and questionable backgrounds can make companies vulnerable to potential legal and reputational issues.

To address this critical issue, organisations must prioritise Employee Background Checks beyond the hiring stage, integrating them throughout the organisation's lifecycle. Implementing regular verification processes not only helps meet regulatory requirements and safeguard sensitive information but also ensures that individuals being considered for promotions or transfers possess the necessary qualifications.

However getting started on this journey is easier said than done, and so in partnership with EY, we bring you this insightful webinar where industry experts share their key takeaways and learnings on:

  • The current landscape of employment fraud and its impact on the digital workplace
  • Employee background checks beyond the hiring stage, for internal promotions and transfers
  • How regular background checks mitigate legal and reputational risks
  • Leveraging technology for conducting comprehensive employee background checks
  • Strengthening a work culture of integrity, trust and accountability
  • Our Speakers
    Harjeet Khanduja
    Harjeet Khanduja

    Senior Vice President Human Resources, Reliance Jio

    Arpinder Singh
    Arpinder Singh

    Global Markets and India Leader, Forensic & Integrity Services, EY

    Sheffi Anwar
    Sheffi Anwar

    Senior Director – HR Operations, UST

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