Webcast: Talent Development post pandemic economy
Talent Development post pandemic economy
THURSDAY, DEC 17TH | 10:00 am - 11:00 am SGT
Building the talent we need for the post-pandemic future

As we move into the next decade, COVID-19 has thrust the region into uncertainity; every economy except Vietnam is projected to have negative or almost no growth. A number of countries, including Indonesia—the region's largest economy—are attempting to reopen, at the risk of a new wave of COVID.

The workplace and workforce is also facing rapid change under the pressure of the pandemic. Some expectations—including the notorious culture of presenteeism—have been dialled back. Others—such as the idea that employers need to be more responsible for workers' welfare—have scaled up. Traits such as “agility”, “resilience”, or “self-direction” are starting to gain equivalent weight to academic qualifications. Even the common skill sets assumed for work have changed drastically with the digitization of workplaces and the shift to new work models.

Against this uncomfortable backdrop, is a pressing question for organizations; what can we do to not just sustain, but thrive? This conversation will attempt to explore the shape of the post-pandemic future.

  1. The impact on companies of the uncertain regional outlook
  2. Significant changes in workplace norms and expectations as a result of the pandemic
  3. The traits and skills required in the workforce to deal with (1) the economic (and possibly geopolitical) situation (2) the new world of work
  4. Ways to develop and retain the needed traits and skills

Our Speakers
Stephen Koss
Stephen Koss

Partner - Asia Pacific Workforce Advisory Leader | People Advisory Services

Evangeline Chua
Evangeline Chua

Chief People Officer
GovTech Singapore

Brent Colescott
Brent Colescott

Senior Director, Global Business Strategy & Transformation
SumTotal Systems

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