Webcast: The missing piece in the EX puzzle_Employee voice
The missing piece in the EX puzzle_Employee voice
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FRIDAY, JUL 23RD | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
The missing piece in the EX puzzle: Employee voice

With 2020 sparking a revolutionary shift in the ways of working, an aspect of people management that shot up to the priority list for organizations across the globe was ‘Employee Experience’ or EX. However, this time around EX is not just about what strategies leaders build upon to deliver the right experience to employees as they navigate remote working arrangements, but a lot more built upon what employees truly seek. And what better way to do that than factor in the strongest source to strengthen the strategy - Employee voice.

Employee surveys and one-on-ones have played their part in shaping workplace strategies for a while now, but with little say. The sudden spotlight on aspects such as employee wellness, inclusion, diversity, engagement, career pivots, has made employee voice that critical piece in the EX puzzle to redefine how organizations respond to these evolving employee needs.

With data gaining a stronger foothold and technology enabling quicker access to employee voice, feedback, opinions and ideas, 2021 is the year of opportunity to not just amplify EX to retain and attract talent, but to let them know they are heard, valued, and that they belong, in other words, their opinions matter.

Join us this month as we put the spotlight on employee voice in the evolving workplace strategy, and learn how to:

  1. Make workplace reforms effective with employee voice
  2. Bridge the cultural intent and reality gap with employee voice
  3. Differentiate employee insights from employee voice
  4. Leverage tech to amplify employee sentiment in decision-making

Our Speakers
Joyeeta Chatterjee
Joyeeta Chatterjee

HR Leader, Influencer, and former CPO, Future Group

Dheeraj Kumar Pandey
Dheeraj Kumar Pandey

Chief Advisor - HR system and Processes, Keka

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