Webcast: Wellness for the new-age workforce: What is the right corporate health insurance for businesses today
Wellness for the new-age workforce: What is the right corporate health insurance for businesses today
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TUESDAY | 28th JUNE, 03:00 PM- 04:00 PM IST
Wellness for the New-Age Workforce

What is the right corporate health insurance for businesses today?

The critical role of well-being in the employee-life cycle cannot be disputed. The evidence lies in a booming wellness market developing accessible, inclusive and impactful solutions and programs at speed and at low cost to all kinds of enterprises, from MNCs to SMEs. However, navigating this market to build your organisation’s health and wellness infrastructure is not easy, especially when selecting a group health insurance (GHI) plan.

The new age workforce is an additional hurdle; businesses today operate not only with remote teams but also with contingent and gig workers. To truly achieve employee well-being and improve productivity, corporate health insurance plans must be accessible to all these workers and simultaneously fine-tuned to meet your unique employee needs and budget constraints. Today, leadership also needs to implement these plans strategically so that their employees can easily avail these benefits.

Choosing the right group health insurance plan will make a difference in your wellness agenda. To empower leaders today in their wellness journeys, People Matters, in partnership PolicyBazaar, bring to you this webcast that will offer actionable insights on the following topics:

  • How businesses can choose the relevant corporate health insurance plan
  • Navigating budget constraints for SMEs and MSMEs when investing in GHI
  • Incorporating digital solutions in your GHI plans for a distributed workforce
  • Ensuring your wellness benefits are accessible, inclusive and open to personalisation
  • Strategic implementation of GHI to achieve wellness and business ROI

Our Speakers
Vidya Sagar Gannamani
Vidya Sagar Gannamani

Chairman and Managing Director, Adecco India

Raghuveer Malik
Raghuveer Malik

Head- Corporate Insurance, Policybazaar.com

Renu Bohra
Renu Bohra

Chief People Officer, DB Schenker

Sumit Arora
Sumit Arora

Head - National Operations & Workplace Strategy, CBRE India

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